What Made RedShelf 2021 Publishing Software of the Year

By RedShelf


One of the biggest hurdles for organizations looking to transition from print to digital in the modern era has been the cost of entry. Publishers know how to create compelling content. Schools know how to select and sell it. But delivering it in an accessible, secure, and truly dynamic digital format (i.e. more than just a PDF) requires specialized expertise, not to mention time and expense. That's where RedShelf comes in. 

More than 10,000 publishers and half of all colleges rely on RedShelf to help them create and deliver best-in-class digital learning content. EdTech Breakthrough recently named our platform the 2021 Publishing Software of the Year—recognizing the leadership role we play in helping organizations evolve swiftly and effectively in the digital age. 

How do we do it?

RedShelf’s software quickly ingests publisher content and publishes it onto the the best-in-class RedShelf eReader—a cloud-based platform that provides learners a more affordable and dynamic way to access the content they need for success. In addition, our end-to-end distribution software (known as our Content Delivery System) streamlines the many complex workflows involved in acquiring, pricing, selling, delivering, and billing for those course materials.

As we build and continually update our software, we focus heavily on maximizing:

Automation & Flexibility: Enhancing our software to drive even greater efficiency, scalability, and the ability to adapt to the wide-ranging and ever-changing list of customer needs and use cases

Privacy & Security: Ensuring our software not only meets, but exceeds, industry standards for protecting user data as well as publisher intellectual property rights

Accessibility: Setting the standard for accessibility in software, ensuring fundamental access for everyone—including those who don’t disclose an existing disability

Data & Analytics: Delivering software that further empowers customers with new data and useful insights to fuel learning and drive positive business outcomes

Education is changing, and we're on a continuous mission to invest, improve and deliver the very best solutions that help drive learning everywhere it happens.  Want to learn more? Request a demo today!


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